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    Privet, I'm Gliczide Fedyukin. I'm the person that either is Graphic Designer, Video Editor, Robloxian & Chiptune Nerd
    Anyways, I'm from Russia which I was born back in 02/05, I did the first web page back in 05/25/2020, And yes. still coding

    I'm available at Youtube, OpenVK, Github and so on.

    Interests: CSSing, Working, Chatting, Mails, Reviews, Other OSes.

    Favorite Musics: Chiptunes only.

    You can call me Nicknames:

    • gcomputzide
    • gcomput
    • Plexthetic
    • gliczcomput etc.

    Contact Me, Feedback, Q&A:

    Frequently Asked:

    Why aren't you using HTTPS?

    Maybe because I wanted to get a little Older-Browsing test, but fornow on I feel like I need to enable it soon.

    For old browsers, It'll have a problems Due to TLS 1.3 [(7:46 AM) Updated: Made a Mirror(HTTP-Only)]

    How do you pronounce your name?

    "glickside" [/gliksaid/] I think, it is only correct pronunciation you could have when it isn't "glitch side"

    Who made your own logo?

    Lyric West, The font name is Blok Glic

    English: Native(Slightly Expert/Main)
    Russian: Native


    [Acer Aspire XC-830] Windows 10 1909 Pro | Windows 8.1
    [ASUS K53E-SX519R] Windows 7 Supernano Lite | Windows 7 Ultimate [Non-Modified] | Windows 8.1

    Hard Drives:

    [ACER] 128gb [SSD Kingston]
    [ASUS] 230gb [SSD Critical]
    [Lenovo] 530gb [HDD Seagate]

gliczide since 2017-2021